Our Mission

Foresight Engineering is committed to providing innovative engineering and professional support to the defense community. We focus on exceeding our customer’s mission-critical needs in an efficient, responsible, and professional manner.

Our Values

Integrity.  Integrity fosters consistency and stability within the workplace, which increases job satisfaction, morale and productivity.  Our management and staff demonstrate their integrity through honest communication, personal accountability and respect for others.

Teamwork.  Foresight Engineering understands the importance of teamwork.  By promoting professional collaboration, our skilled employees can maximize efficiency to deliver highly innovative solutions while fostering a sense of unity.

Professional Growth.  Our employees are given all the resources required to stay abreast of new and evolving technologies.  We strongly encourage personal and professional development through higher education and training so we can continue to offer superior performance to our customer.

Communication.  Communicating openly and effectively creates strong teams and positive results.  Foresight Engineering fosters an environment of honest, timely and professional communication within the workplace and with our customer so that we may provide reliable and responsive solutions to mission-critical requirements and tasks.